Monday, August 22, 2011

Andreea Balan-Nude(Goala)

Andreea Balan (full name Andreea Georgiana Balan) was born on June 23, 1984 in Ploiesti, Romania. She is a famous Romanian singer.

Biography and Carrer :

Her first appearance on Tv was at the age of 11 during a kids show on Tvr named : "Ba Da Ba Nu". In 1997 she releases her first album produced by Sandel Balan.

In March, 1998 she took part at "Gala Nationala Eurovision" where she was awarded. At the end of 1998 she receives the International Award "Mica Printesa" by Emil Constantinescu - who was The President of Romania.

Her debut album was named "La Intalnire" and it was launched in May, 1999. In September, same year her album had been already sold in over 50 000 pieces.

Andreea Balan and her best friend in that period of time, Andreea Antonescu launched the foll

owing albums : "Noapte de vis", "Prima Iubire", "Am sa-mi fac de cap", "The best of..." and "O noapte si-o zi".

Quotes :

- I've cribbed in the 6th grade, the 7th and while I was in the 8th grade I started to learn. Until then I got cought everytime I tried to trick the teachers.

- It happened many times to become hoarsed just before a show but every time I tried to give another vocal timbre to my voice so nobody could see it

- I'm not an oblivious person I'm just absentminded... lucky for me I always have my parents around

Trivia :

- Her parents called her Andra when she was a kid

- She likes ice-cream

- She is very optimistic, sociable and a very loyal person

- Favourite movie : Titanic

- Received a Peugeot 2006 - Cabrio as a birthday present

- Favorite singers : Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Catalina, Loredana Groza

- Her best friend was Andreea Antonescu, but due to some argues and problems between them and their manager they decided to continue their career separately.

- In 2007 she won the second place in an International amateur dancing contest, in Mexico.